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I was about 8 years old, when my best friend Jackie and I decided to be writers! We moved desks into the front yard and started writing. My book was about an underground neighborhood of animal families.

I’ve enjoyed lots of hobbies and interests over the years. Kayaking, drawing, photography, doll making, gardening, canning, sewing, scrapbooking, and even home renovation. With all my hobbies I find joy, but writing is the one that I always come back to. It is the one that brings me the greatest joy.

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Books by Judy Arrington

A Day to PretendNewly Released

Inspired by my time growing up with sisters, A Day to Pretend is a story about the magic of imagination. Your kids will love following two little girls as they explore the world around them through the imaginative eyes of sisterhood!

The story is in the final editing phase and I am working with my illustrator to finalize the magical pictures of this beautiful book.

Altadena Underground – A New Series!

When Mike talks Judy into going underground to explore, he has no idea where the adventure will lead. A mischievous brother, a beckoning tunnel, and a mysterious garden equals an unforgettable experience for the young siblings as they crawl under their hometown.

Will this adventure awaken a desire to investigate the world around them a little closer?

Join as the pair embarks on the first book of the Adventures in Altadena Series.

Judy Arrington was born and raised in Altadena. The third of seven children. Playing outside with siblings and friends sparked her imagination and left her with a desire to write about some of those memories.

Ice Cream Igloo – My First Book

I wrote Ice Cream Igloo back when my kids were little. It has always been my dream to get it published and I am proud to have realized that dream! Now available to purchase on Amazon!

I’ll take you on and your kids on a journey of childhood fantasy. Hold on tight as we transport you to a world of imagination. And show the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.  While ice cream is yummy, we learn that too much of a good thing can make us feel sick.

Judy’s Blog

Can you sign my book?

As a new author, I have had to make a lot of tough decisions. After the multitude of decisions that craft theContinue readingCan you sign my book?